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Wickedly Welsh Welsh Cake Chocolate Bar-The Market Builth Wells-Chocolate Bars,Welsh,Wickedly Welsh

Wickedly Welsh Welsh Cake Chocolate Bar

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Mmm there is nothing that says "Welsh" more than a traditional homemade treat of a Welsh cake. Popular since the 19th century, they remain one of the treasures of Wales to this day!

This bar is a unique and patriotic treasure, the classic melt in your mouth, Wickedly Welsh moreishly milk chocolate bar infused with a pinch of nostalgia, a lightly spiced and truly delightful treat that will have you licking your lips and wanting more! The fusion of traditional sweet cinnamon spice with ground nutmeg and fresh ginger adds a touch of warmth to your palate, we can recommend this as the perfect afternoon snack and accompaniment to your cuppa!

We doubt you'll find anything more Welsh than our Wickedly Welsh Moreishly Milk Welsh Cake chocolate - Once you taste it you’ll feel sorry you’ve missed out for so long so go on, treat yourself!

(Minimum 95g)

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