Gordon Rhodes Slow & Steamy Tangine Mix

Gordon Rhodes Slow & Steamy Tangine Mix

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Transport your family on a North African adventure with this delicious Gourmet Slow and Steamy Moroccan Style Lamb Tagine Sauce Mix.

Experience the enticing flavours of cumin, paprika and cardamom that perfectly mimic the authentic smells and flavours of an bustling Moroccan Baa-zaar.

Our Gourmet Sauce Mixes have been specifically designed with slow cookers in mind. Incredibly simple to use, all you have to do is add your meat, vegetables & water and let the slow cooker do the rest. Don’t have a slow cooker? Don’t worry: each packet also includes an easy hob/pan recipe so you can still enjoy this gourmet dish.


So don’t be sheepish, order today and experience for yourself the ewe-nique taste! You?ll have the family flocking around the dinner table in no time.

Be warned, this delicious dish contains genuine Moroccan spices, so it does have a spicy kick. To cool it down a tick, simply add a dollop of sour cream or natural yogurt.