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Cheryl Leach

I have always drawn, as long as I can remember.  I grew up on a farm in Mid Wales and would spend my time observing and painting the things around me. I continued my love of art throughout my education, completing a BA Fine Art at UWE where I spent some time at the HDK in Berlin.  My career has taken me down avenues of music and radio production and more recently into a teaching profession which has allowed me to work creatively with children.

My painting practice is process led and I enjoy creating work which has a figurative aesthetic, where I find beauty in things that surround me.  The subjects usually depict nature and rural influences, where birds and plants often feature regularly.  I am particularly drawn to their sensory qualities, where form and colour combine to imbue a sense of calm. When I work in acrylic, the process of using a roller and thin layer of colour washes is applied to gradually build each painting.  I like the way an element of chance allows me to respond to the paint and see an image emerge.  In contrast when I work in gouache, I am captivated by my necessity to work quickly, whereby using flat blocks of colour allows me to explore a fresh style.

I have undertaken a number of commissions which have included pet/animal portraits and landscapes of Mid Wales, in both acrylic and more recently gouache.  I welcome the opportunity to take on commissions and enjoy working collaboratively with clients.